Heterologous activation of the Porphyra tenera HSP70 promoter in Bangiophycean algal cells

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Heterologous activation of the Porphyra tenera HSP70 promoter in Bangiophycean algal cells
R Hirata; Won Joong Jeong; N Saga; K Mikami
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Bioengineered Bugs, vol. 2, no. 5, pp. 271-274
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Porphyra has attracted significant attention for its biological and industrial importance. However, establishment of a stable nuclear transformation has not yet been achieved in these organisms, which impedes the molecular biological study and the development of a molecular breeding method for them. Toward establishing the stable transformation, we have recently developed an efficient transient gene expression system in Bangiophycean algae, in which the HSP70 promoter from P. tenera (PtHSP70 promoter) was activated heterologously in P. yezoensis cells. Since heterologous promoters are required for homologous recombination-based stable transformation, the identification of heterologously activated promoters is important in establishing a stable transformation system in individual Bangiophycean alga. We here examined the activation of the PtHSP70 promoter using the GC-rich PyGUS reporter system in additional Porphyra and Bangia species. The results indicated that this promoter drove expression of the PyGUS gene efficiently in all examined algae, whereas there was quite low expression of PyGUS by the cauliflower mosaic virus 35S promoter that is widely used as a heterologous promoter in the transformation of green land plants. Therefore, heterologous activation of the PtHSP70 promoter could promote the establishment of the stable transformation system in various kinds of Bangiophycean algae.
PygusTransient gene expressionBangiophyceaeHsp promoterParticle bombardmentPorphyra teneraPorphyra yezoensis
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