Gold patterened biochips for on-chip immuno-MALDI-TOF MS: SPR imaging coupled multi-protein MS analysis

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Gold patterened biochips for on-chip immuno-MALDI-TOF MS: SPR imaging coupled multi-protein MS analysis
Young Eun Kim; So Yeon Yi; Chang-Soo Lee; Yongwon Jung; Bong Hyun Chung
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Analyst, vol. 137, no. 2, pp. 386-392
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Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF-MS) analysis of immuno-captured target protein efficiently complements conventional immunoassays by offering rich molecular information such as protein isoforms or modifications. Direct immobilization of antibodies on MALDI solid support enables both target enrichment and MS analysis on the same plate, allowing simplified and potentially multiplexing protein MS analysis. Reliable on-chip immuno-MALDI-TOF MS for multiple biomarkers requires successful adaptation of antibody array biochips, which also must accommodate consistent reaction conditions on antibody arrays during immuno-capture and MS analysis. Here we developed a facile fabrication process of versatile antibody array biochips for reliable on-chip MALDI-TOF-MS analysis of multiple immuno-captured proteins. Hydrophilic gold arrays surrounded by super-hydrophobic surfaces were formed on a gold patterned biochip via spontaneous chemical or protein layer deposition. From antibody immobilization to MALDI matrix treatment, this hydrophilic/phobic pattern allowed highly consistent surface reactions on each gold spot. Various antibodies were immobilized on these gold spots both by covalent coupling or protein G binding. Four different protein markers were successfully analyzed on the present immuno-MALDI biochip from complex protein mixtures including serum samples. Tryptic digests of captured PSA protein were also effectively detected by on-chip MALDI-TOF-MS. Moreover, the present MALDI biochip can be directly applied to the SPR imaging system, by which antibody and subsequent antigen immobilization were successfully monitored.
Royal Soc Chem
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