Plant-based production of therapeutic antibodies = 식물기반 치료용 항체생산

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Plant-based production of therapeutic antibodies = 식물기반 치료용 항체생산
Y Kim; Y So; D Y Park; Hyun Soon KimJae Heung Jeon; Y K Choo; K Ko
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Journal of Plant Biotechnology, vol. 37, no. 3, pp. 262-268
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Antibodies are powerful and versatile tools to play a critical role in the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases. Their application has been enhanced significantly with the advanced recombinant DNA and heterologonous expression technologies, allowing to produce immunotherapeutic proteins with improved biofunctional properties. However, with currently available technologies, mammalian cell-based therapeutic antibody production, as an alternative for production in humans and animals, is often not plentiful for passive immunotherapeutics in treatment of many diseases. Recently, plant expression systems for therapeutic antibodies have become well-established. Thus, plants have been considered to provide an attractive alternative production system for therapeutic antibodies, as plants have several advantages such as the lack of human pathogens, and low cost of upstream production and flexible scale-up of highly valuable recombinant glycoproteins. Recent advances in modification of posttranslational processing for human-like glycosylation in transgenic plants will make it possible that plant can become a suitable protein expression system over the animal cellbased current production system. This review will discuss recent advances in plant expression technology and issues for their application to therapeutic antibody production.
ADCCglycosylationplant-derived pharmaceuticalstherapeutic protein
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