Antiviral activity of Alpinia katsumadai extracts against rotaviruses

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Antiviral activity of Alpinia katsumadai extracts against rotaviruses
H H Kim; Hyung Jun KwonYoung Bae Ryu; Jong Sun Chang; K O Cho; M D T Hosmillo; Mun Chual RhoSu-Jin ParkWoo Song Lee
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Research in Veterinary Science, vol. 92, no. 2, pp. 320-323
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In vitro anti-rotavirus activity of Alpinia katsumadai (AK) extracts were evaluated against bovine G8P[7] and porcine G5P[7] rotaviruses in two different assay strategies, a mixed treatment assay and a post treatment assay. In the mixed treatment assay, six AK extracts [AK-1 (EtOH extract), AK-3 (H 2O layer), AK-5 (40% methanol fraction), and AK-9-11 (H 2O extract, polysaccharide fraction, supernatant fraction)] exhibited inhibitory activities against G5P[7] rotavirus with the EC 50 values ranging from 0.7±0.4 to 33.7±6.5μg/mL. Extracts AK-1, AK-3, and AK-5 inhibited rotavirus infection against G8P[7] rotavirus, the with EC 50 values of 8.4±2.2μg/mL, 6.5±0.8μg/mL and 8.4±5.0μg/mL, respectively. By hemagglutination inhibition (HI) assay, six AK extracts completely inhibited viral adsorption onto human RBCs in both strains of rotaviruses at less than 11μg/mL. However, in the post treatment assay, there was no anti activity shown against both strains of rotaviruses. As a result, six AK extracts were attributed mainly to having a strong interaction with hemagglutinin protein on the outer surface of rotavirus, resulting to blockage of viral adsorption.
Alpinia katsumadaiAnti-rotavirusHemagglutination inhibitionViral adsorption
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