Identification of a novel single-stranded, circular DNA virus from bovine stool

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Identification of a novel single-stranded, circular DNA virus from bovine stool
Hye Kwon Kim; S J Park; V G Nguyen; Dae Sub Song; H J Moon; B K Kang; B K Park
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Journal of General Virology, vol. 93, no. 3, pp. 635-639
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We report the identification of a novel single-stranded, circular DNA virus isolated from bovine stool. The virus, named bovine stool-associated circular DNA virus (BoSCV), has a genome comprising 2600 bases of circular ssDNA, with two putative ORFs encoding replicase and capsid proteins, arranged inversely. The stem-loop structure was located between the 39 ends of the two putative ORFs, as in chimpanzee stool-associated circular virus (ChimpSCV) and unlike other circular DNA viruses, including members of the families Circoviridae, Nanoviridae and Geminiviridae. BoSCV was also genetically similar to ChimpSCV, with approximately 30% identity in the replicase and capsid proteins. A phylogenetic analysis based on the replicase protein showed that BoSCV and ChimpSCV are in the same clade. A field survey using BoSCV-specific PCRs targeting ORF1 detected BoSCV and BoSCV-like sequences in bovine and porcine stool samples. BoSCV appears to belong to a new genus of circular DNA viruses.
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