Leaf proteome analysis of wheat-rye translocation lines

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Leaf proteome analysis of wheat-rye translocation lines
A R Kim; Abu Hena Mostafa Kamal; Y W Seo; C S Park; J Nam; S I Kim; J S Choi; S H Woo
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Australian Journal of Crop Science, vol. 5, no. 12, pp. 1670-1677
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Wheat-rye translocation lines were developed to produce a main crop resistant to biological and physical stress. Parental line of rye cv. " Chaupon" contains 2RL chromatin to harbor resistance genes for powdery mildew and leaf rust. In order to 2RL-derived rye proteins and 2RL-perbuted proteins in wheat-rye translocation lines, the gel-based proteomics employed with " Coker 797" (non-2RL) and near isogenic line (stabilized 2RL).The leaf proteome was resolved on 2D-gel, and 216 spots were selected for mass spectrometry analysis by image analyzer. A total of 90 proteins with isoform (65 non-reductant proteins) were identified with the identification success rate of 42% using MALDI MS or MS/MS. The identified proteins were classified by functional annotation based on biological processes: carbohydrate metabolic process (11%), cellular amino acid metabolic process (6%), DNA integration / replication (3%), lipid metabolic process (3%), photosynthesis (23%), protein modification / biosynthesis (11%), response to stimulus (8%), transcription and translation (6%), transport (9%), unknown (12%), other biological processes (8%). A total of 24 proteins were differentially expressed between non-2RL and 2RL lines, in which ß-glucosidase, in particular, originated from the chromosome 2RL of rye, was exclusively appeared in NIL. In addition, small Ras-related GTP binding-protein assigned to wheat was predominantly found in 2RL rye chromatin-possessing NIL. These results suggested that the acquired genetic traits obtained from rye 2RL enhance the resistance to biotic and abiotic stress such as Dehydration-induced protein; heat shock protein (HSP 26.6 and 26.6B) in wheat-rye translocation lines by altered the proteome expression.
2RL-NILNon-2RL "croker"ProteomicsWheat-rye translocation line
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