Bacterial genome mapper: a comparative bacterial genome mapping tool

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Bacterial genome mapper: a comparative bacterial genome mapping tool
Kang Seon Lee; Ryong Nam Kim; Byoungha YoonDae Soo Kim; Sang Haeng Choi; Dong Wook Kim; Seong Hyeuk Nam; Aeri Kim; Aram Kang; Kun Hyang ParkJaeeun Jung; S H Chae; Hong-Seog Park
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Bioinformation, vol. 8, no. 11, pp. 532-534
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Recently, next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies have led to a revolutionary increase in sequencing speed and costefficacy. Consequently, a vast number of contigs from many recently sequenced bacterial genomes remain to be accurately mapped and annotated, requiring the development of more convenient bioinformatics programs. In this paper, we present a newly developed web-based bioinformatics program, Bacterial Genome Mapper, which is suitable for mapping and annotating contigs that have been assembled from bacterial genome sequence raw data. By constructing a multiple alignment map between target contig sequences and two reference bacterial genome sequences, this program also provides very useful comparative genomics analysis of draft bacterial genomes.
bacterial genomecontig mapping program
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