A comparison between water and ethanol extracts of rumex acetosa for protective effects on gastric ulcers in mice

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A comparison between water and ethanol extracts of rumex acetosa for protective effects on gastric ulcers in mice
J Y Bae; Y S Lee; S Y Han; E J Jeong; M K Lee; J Y Kong; D H Lee; K J Cho; Haeng Soon Lee; M J Ahn
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Biomolecules & Therapeutics, vol. 20, no. 4, pp. 425-430
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Rumex acetosa is a perennial herb that is widely distributed across eastern Asia. Although the hot water extract of R. acetosa has been used to treat gastritis or gastric ulcers as a folk medicine, no scientifi c report exists for the use of this plant to treat gastric ulcers. Hence, the present study was undertaken to assess the anti-ulcer activity of water and 70% ethanol extracts obtained from R. acetosa, using an HCl/ethanol-induced gastric ulcer model in mice. Anti-infl ammatory and free radical-scavenging activities of these two extracts were also evaluated and compared. As a result, the administration of R. acetosa extracts signifi cantly reduced the occurrence of gastric ulcers. However, signifi cant differences in protective activity against gastric ulcers were observed between the two samples. In the case of the group pretreated with an ethanol extract dosage of 100 mg/kg, the protective effect (90.9%) was higher than that of water extract (41.2%). Under histological evaluation, pretreatment with R. acetosa extracts reversed negative effects, such as infl ammation, edema, moderate hemorrhaging and loss of epithelial cells, presented by HCl/ ethanol-treated stomachs. Meanwhile, R. acetosa extracts showed potent DPPH radical-scavenging activity and decreased NO production in a murine macrophage cell line, RAW 264.7, in a dose-dependent manner without affecting cellular viability. The greater anti-ulcer and NO production inhibitory activities exhibited by ethanol extracts compared to water extracts could be ascribed to the higher emodin levels, a major anthraquinone component of this plant.
Antioxidant activityGastric ulcerRumex acetosaAnti-infl ammatory activity
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