Ettlia sp. YC001 showing high growth rate and lipid content under high CO2

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Ettlia sp. YC001 showing high growth rate and lipid content under high CO2
Chan Yoo; G K Choi; S C Kim; Hee-Mock Oh
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Bioresource Technology, vol. 127, no. 1, pp. 482-488
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Over 100 green-colored colonies were isolated from environmental samples when cultivating on a BG11 agar medium, and 4 strains showing different morphologies were selected based on light microscopic observation. Among these strains, the microalgal species with the highest growth rate under 10% CO2 was identified as Ettlia sp. YC001 using an 18S rDNA-based phylogenetic analysis and morphological comparison. The highest cell density of 3.10g/L (based on dry cell weight) and biomass productivity of 0.19g/L/d were obtained under 5% CO2 after 16days. The lipid content and productivity were also up to 42% of the dry cell weight and 80.0mg/L/d, respectively. The color of the Ettlia sp. YC001 culture changed from green to red after a month due to the accumulation of certain carotenoids. Therefore, it would seem that Ettlia sp. YC001 is appropriate for mitigating CO2 due to its high biomass productivity, and a suitable candidate for producing biodiesel and high-value products.
BiodieselCarotenoidEttliaLipid productivityMicroalgae
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