TIP30 directly binds p53 tumor suppressor protein in vitro

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TIP30 directly binds p53 tumor suppressor protein in vitro
Si-Hyung Lee; S K Ju; Tae Young Lee; S H Huh; Kyou Hoon Han
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Molecules and Cells, vol. 34, no. 5, pp. 495-500
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TIP30 (30 kDa HIV-1 TAT-interacting protein), also called HTATIP2 or CC3, is a tumor suppressor protein that acts as an angiogenesis inhibitor. TIP30 blocks nuclear import of the mRNA-binding protein HuR, and thereby promotes the cytoplasmic accumulation of HuR by binding to importin- β, ,hich is kno,n to facilitate the cytoplasm-tonuclear transport of HuR. Accumulation of HuR in the cytoplasm, in turn, enhances the expression of the transcription factor p53, a tumor suppressor that plays an essential role in preserving genome stability and inhibiting cancer gro,th. In addition to such a post-transcriptional mechanism via ,hich TIP30 increases the p53 level, it has been proposed that TIP30 may regulate p53 protein at the protein level by directly binding to it. In order to investigate the possibility of direct interaction bet,een p53 and TIP30, ,e have used on three functional regions in p53 and examined their interactions ,ith TIP30 using GST pull-do,n assay and surface plasmon resonance technique. The results sho, that that TIP30 binds to the DNA-binding domain and the C-terminal domain of p53.
GST pull-down assayP53Protein-protein interactionSurface plasmon resonanceTIP30
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