Production and characteristics of Hongkuk-ju using Monascus anka = Monascus anka를 이용한 홍국주의 제조 및 특성

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Production and characteristics of Hongkuk-ju using Monascus anka = Monascus anka를 이용한 홍국주의 제조 및 특성
B H Bang; Moon Soo Rhee; K P Kim; K W Lee; D H Yi
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Korean Journal of Food & Nutrition, vol. 26, no. 1, pp. 78-84
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To reproduce the brewing process of Hongkuk-ju and to identify the functional properties of it, Hongkuk-ju was brewed using different additions of Hongkuk (100%, 90%, 70%, 50%) and Nuruk (0%, 10%, 30%, 50%). The quality elements, including pH, total acidity, reducing sugar content, alcohol content and pigments (yellow, red, monacolin K and citrinin), were measured. The pH values of Hongkuk-ju showed a slight difference (pH 4.08~4.58) right after the 1st stage mash; further, the pH on all groups (H1, H2, H3 and H4) in the terminal of the 2nd stage mash (9 days in fermentation) were similar, ranging approximately at pH 3.70. The total acidity change did not show a difference directly the 1st stage mash (nearby 0.2 %); however, it began to show a slight difference at the terminal of the 2nd stage mash between the range of 0.69~0.76%. The residual reducing sugar of the content was decreased with the increased Nuruk content. The alcohol concentrations of the treatment brew with Nuruk ranging from 12.3% to 13.7% were higher than Hongkuk on its own. The yellow and red pigment contents of Hongkuk-ju ranged from 7.2~8.8 O.D. units (yellow pigment) and from 4.4~5.1 O.D. units (red pigment). The production of monacolin K and citrinin was the highest (9.48 ㎎/㎏ and 10.14 ㎎/㎏) when the treatment solely brewed Hongkuk. The concentration of Nuruk and the preparation of the seed mash from it were critical factors compared to the treatment of rice in brewing Hongkuk-ju.
citrininHongkukHongkuk-jumonacolin KMonascus sp.
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