Drought stress-induced compositional changes in tolerant transgenic rice and its wild type

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Drought stress-induced compositional changes in tolerant transgenic rice and its wild type
Kyong Hee Nam; Do Young Kim; Hee Jae Shin; Ki Jung Nam; J H An; I S Pack; Jung Ho Park; Soon Chun Jeong; H B Kim; Chang-Gi Kim
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Food Chemistry, vol. 153, no. 1, pp. 145-150
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Comparing well-watered versus deficit conditions, we evaluated the chemical composition of grains harvested from wild-type (WT) and drought-tolerant, transgenic rice (Oryza sativa L.). The latter had been developed by inserting AtCYP78A7, which encodes a cytochrome P450 protein. Two transgenic Lines, '10B-5' and '18A-4', and the 'Hwayoung' WT were grown under a rainout shelter. After the harvested grains were polished, their levels of key components, including proximates, amino acids, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins were analysed to determine the effect of watering system and genotype. Drought treatment significantly influenced the levels of some nutritional components in both transgenic and WT grains. In particular, the amounts of lignoceric acid and copper in the WT decreased by 12.6% and 39.5%, respectively, by drought stress, whereas those of copper and potassium in the transgenics rose by 88.1-113.3% and 10.4-11.9%, respectively, under water-deficit conditions.
Chemical compositionDrought toleranceFood safety assessmentOryza sativa L.Rainout shelterTransgenic crop
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