Description of Lysinibacillus pakistanensis

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Description of Lysinibacillus pakistanensis
I Ahmed; Sin Ye Suel; Paek Ja Young; M Ehsan; R Hayat; M Iqbal; Young Hyo Chang
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International Journal of Agriculture and Biology, vol. 16, no. 2, pp. 447-450
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The purpose of this addendum is to provide the additional information for validation of Lysinibacillus pakistanensis sp. nov. as a new name under the procedure described in the Bacteriological Code (1990 Revision). The strain NCCP-54T recently published, however it does not meet the basic requirement as it lacks species description according to the rules of International Code of Nomenclature of Prokaryotes. Additionally, the data on DNA-DNA hybridization was required with all the validly recognized species having more than 97% similarity of 16S rRNA gene sequence. The results of this study showed that DNA-DNA relatedness of strain NCCP-54T is below 70% with all the validly recognized species to date. The diagnostic amino acids in cell wall peptidoglycans were re-analyzed and contained Lys-Asp (type A4α). This addendum also provides the formal description of Lysinibacillus pakistanensis sp. nov.
Cell wall peptidoglycans type a4αDNA-DNA hybridizationLysinibacillus pakistanensis
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