New aspects and strategies for methane mitigation from ruminants

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New aspects and strategies for methane mitigation from ruminants
Sanjay Kumar; P K Choudhury; M D Carro; G W Griffith; S S Dagar; M Puniya; S Calabro; S R Ravella; T Dhewa; R C Upadhyay; S K Sirohi; S S Kundu; M Wanapat; A K Puniya
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Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, vol. 98, no. 1, pp. 31-44
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The growing demand for sustainable animal production is compelling researchers to explore the potential approaches to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases from livestock that are mainly produced by enteric fermentation. Some potential solutions, for instance, the use of chemical inhibitors to reduce methanogenesis, are not feasible in routine use due to their toxicity to ruminants, inhibition of efficient rumen function or other transitory effects. Strategies, such as use of plant secondary metabolites and dietary manipulations have emerged to reduce the methane emission, but these still require extensive research before these can be recommended and deployed in the livestock industry sector. Furthermore, immunization vaccines for methanogens and phages are also under investigation for mitigation of enteric methanogenesis. The increasing knowledge of methanogenic diversity in rumen, DNA sequencing technologies and bioinformatics have paved the way for chemogenomic strategies by targeting methane producers. Chemogenomics will help in finding target enzymes and proteins, which will further assist in the screening of natural as well chemical inhibitors. The construction of a methanogenic gene catalogue through these approaches is an attainable objective. This will lead to understand the microbiome function, its relation with the host and feeds, and therefore, will form the basis of practically viable and eco-friendly methane mitigation approaches, while improving the ruminant productivity.
Methane mitigationMethanogensRumenRuminantsEnteric fermentation
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