Luteimicrobium xylanilyticum sp. nov., isolated from the gut of a long-horned beetle, Massicus raddei

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dc.contributor.authorHyangmi Kim-
dc.contributor.authorHyun Woo Oh-
dc.contributor.authorJi Ae Kim-
dc.contributor.authorDoo-Sang Park-
dc.contributor.authorH M Park-
dc.contributor.authorKyung Sook Bae-
dc.description.abstractA novel strain, designated W-15T, was isolated from the gut of a long-horned beetle, Massicus raddei, collected in South Korea. Phylogenetic analysis based on 16S rRNA gene sequences revealed that the strains belonged to the suborder Micrococcineae. Strain W-15Twas most closely related to Luteimicrobium album RI148-Li105T(97.9% similarity). Strain W-15Twas Gram-stain-positive, rod- and coccus-shaped and non-motile. Growth was observed at 15- 37 6C, at pH 4.5-8.5 and in the presence of 0-5.0% NaCl. The cell-wall peptidoglycan of the strain was A4α (L-Lys-D-Ser-D-Asp). The major menaquinone present in this strain was MK-8 (H2) and the major cellular fatty acids were anteiso-C15:0, iso-C16:0, iso-C15:0 and anteiso- C17:0. The major polar lipids were diphosphatidylglycerol, phosphatidylinositol, an unknown lipid, an unknown phospholipid and an unknown phosphoglycolipid. The G+C content of genomic DNA of the strain was 73.8 mol%. On the basis of evidence from our polyphasic taxonomic study, strain W-15Tis classified as representing a novel species in the suborder Micrococcineae, for which the name Luteimicrobium xylanilyticum sp. nov. is proposed. The type strain of this species is strain W-15T(=KCTC 19882T=JCM 18090T).-
dc.publisherMicrobiology Soc-
dc.titleLuteimicrobium xylanilyticum sp. nov., isolated from the gut of a long-horned beetle, Massicus raddei-
dc.title.alternativeLuteimicrobium xylanilyticum sp. nov., isolated from the gut of a long-horned beetle, Massicus raddei-
dc.citation.titleInternational Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology-
dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthorHyangmi Kim-
dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthorHyun Woo Oh-
dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthorJi Ae Kim-
dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthorDoo-Sang Park-
dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthorKyung Sook Bae-
dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationInternational Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, vol. 64, no. 4, pp. 1401-1405-
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