Metabolomics investigation of flavonoid synthesis in soybean leaves depending on the growth stage

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Metabolomics investigation of flavonoid synthesis in soybean leaves depending on the growth stage
Hyuk-Hwan Song; Hyung Won Ryu; K J Lee; I Y Jeong; D S Kim; Sei-Ryang Oh
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Metabolomics, vol. 10, pp. 833-841
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Soybean (Glycine max L.) leaves have unique nutraceutical and pharmacological benefits, and have been widely used as a source of healthy and functional food stuffs in Korea. In this study, we investigated the phytochemical metabolomic changes of soybean leaves depending on growth stages (maturation period) assessed based on UPLC-QTOF-MS analysis. Principal component analysis was carried out to trace the metabolite profiles of the phytochemicals from the vegetable stage (1D) through the seven reproductive stages (R1-R7). On the loading plot, significant changes in the contents of metabolites were found during the growth, and eight flavonoid kaempferol glycosides (2, 3, 6, 8, and 10), daidzein (14), genistein (17), and coumestrol (19) were evaluated as growth markers among the 19 isolated metabolites. The kaempferol glycosides were increasingly synthesized from the 1D to the R6 stage but decreased rapidly at stages R7-R8. The extensively synthesized daidzein and genistein were shown during seed growth in the pod (R5-R6), while coumestrol was increased significantly at stages R7-R8 (maturity period). The synthetic pathway of the flavonoids could be elucidated based on the concentration of the individual metabolites. These results demonstrate that the metabolite production changed depending on the growth stage; a possible pathway could be deduced using metabolomic analysis to provide information regarding physiological characterization and optimal harvesting time for crops.
Growth stageIsoflavonesKaempferol glyconesPterocarpansSoybean leavesUPLC-QTOF-MS
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