Quality characteristics of cookies added with capsaicin powder = 캡사이신 분말을 첨가한 쿠키의 품질 특성

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Quality characteristics of cookies added with capsaicin powder = 캡사이신 분말을 첨가한 쿠키의 품질 특성
E J Jeong; K E Oh; Moon Soo Rhee; K P Kim; B H Bang
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Korean Journal of Food & Nutrition, vol. 27, no. 5, pp. 921-928
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This study investigated the quality characteristics of cookies containing capsaicin, the main source of spicy taste in pepper, which is well known for its various functions such as anti-oxidant, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and anti-obesity activities, as well as pain-relief effect. Cookie samples were made by adding the capsaicin powder at different levels, including 40 mg% (C1), 85 mg% (C2), and 150 mg% (C3). In this study, measurement of the moisture, pH, color, spread factor, hardness, anti-oxidant activity, and sensory evaluation of the cookies was carried out. The results showed that the anti-oxidant activity increased when more capsaicin powder was added to the cookies (p<0.001). The moisture also increased with increasing capsaicin powder content (p<0.05), while the pH did not show any significant changes. As for the colors, the L value and b value decreased as more capsaicin powder was added, while the a value increased. The spread factor also increased significantly with the increase of capsaicin powder p<0.01). Although the hardness increased with capsaicin powder content, no statistically significant differences were observed among the various cookies. In the sensory evaluation, Cookies containing 40 mg of capsaicin obtained the highest score in color, while cookies containing 150 mg of capsaicin showed the highest score in taste, texture, and overall acceptability.
capsaicin powdercookiesquality characteristicsanti-oxidant activitysensory test
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