Development of economic culture system using wastewater for microalgae in winter season = 폐수를 이용한 겨울철 경제적 미세조류 배양 시스템의 개발

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Development of economic culture system using wastewater for microalgae in winter season = 폐수를 이용한 겨울철 경제적 미세조류 배양 시스템의 개발
Sang Ah Lee; Changsoo Lee; Seung Hoon Lee; K G An; Hee-Mock OhHee-Sik KimChi-Yong Ahn
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Korean Journal of Environmental Biology, vol. 32, no. 1, pp. 58-67
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The outdoor mass cultivation is not possible for microalgae in Korea all year round, due to cold winter season. It is not easy to maintain proper level of productivity of microalgae even in winter. To prevent a drastic decrease of temperature in a greenhouse, two layers were covered additionally, inside the original plastic layer of the greenhouse. The middle layer was made up of plastic and the inner layer, of non-woven fabric. Acrylic transparent bioreactors were constructed to get more sunlight, not only from the upper side but also from the lateral and bottom directions. In winter at freezing temperatures, six different culture conditions were compared in the triply covered, insulated greenhouse. Wastewater after anaerobic digestion was used for the cultivation of microalgae to minimize the production cost. Water temperature in the bioreactors remained above 10°C on average, even without any external heating system, proving that the triple-layered greenhouse is effective in keeping heat. Algal biomass reached to 0.37g L-1 with the highest temperature, in the experimental group of light-reflection board at the bottom, with nitrogen and phosphorus removal rate of 92% and 99%, respectively. When fatty acid composition was analyzed using gas-chromatography, linoleate (C18 : 3n3) occupied the highest proportion up to 61%, in the all experiment groups. Chemical oxygen demand (COD), however, did not decrease during the cultivation, but rather increased. Although the algal biomass productivity was not comparable to warm seasons, it was possible to maintain water temperature for algae cultivation even in the coldest season, at the minimum cost.
microalgaetriple-layered greenhousewinter cultivationbiodiesel
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