Characterization of self-incompatibility genes in the intergeneric hybrid xBrassicoraphanus

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Characterization of self-incompatibility genes in the intergeneric hybrid xBrassicoraphanus
H J Jung; J I Park; N U Ahmed; M Y Chung; Hyeran Kim; Y G Cho; S S Lee; I S Nou
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Plant Systematics and Evolution, vol. 300, no. 8, pp. 1903-1911
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Brassica rapa and Raphanus sativus are strictly self-incompatible (SI) plants; however, x Brassicoraphanus (baemoochae) is an intergeneric hybrid synthesized following hybridization of B. rapa and R. sativus that is self-compatible (SC). Self-incompatibility in Brassicaceae is controlled by multiple alleles of the S-locus. Two S-locus genes, SRK (S-locus receptor kinase) and SP11/SCR (S-locus protein 11 or S-locus cysteine-rich), have been reported to date, both of which are classified into class I and II. In this study, we investigate if there is an alteration in the structure or the expression in SRK or SP11 genes behind the alteration of SI to SC in baemoochae. Class I and II SRK were identified by PCR of the genomic DNA of baemoochae using SRK-specific universal primers. Cloning and sequencing of both classes of SRK was conducted and compared with SRK genes of parental species. Comparison analysis showed no genomic alterations and both of them showed expression in the stigma. Similarly, SP11 genes also showed no genomic alterations and normally are expressed in the anther. Other SI-related genes (MLPK, ARC1, THL) also showed normal expression in the stigma and anther. Taken together, these results revealed that no structural/gene expression change in these genes was responsible for the breakdown of SI in baemoochae. Rather, the transformation from SI parents to SC descendants could be responding to epigenetic mechanisms.
Brassica rapaEpigeneticIntergeneric hybridRaphanus sativusSelf-compatibilitySelf-incompatibilitySP11SRKx Brassicoraphanus
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