The cytosolic splicing variant of NELL2 inhibits PKCβ1 in glial cells

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The cytosolic splicing variant of NELL2 inhibits PKCβ1 in glial cells
Da Yong Lee; E Kim; Y S Lee; H Ryu; J Y Park; E M Hwang
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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, vol. 454, no. 3, pp. 459-464
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NELL2 is an abundant glycoprotein containing EGF-like domain in the neural tissues where it has multiple physiological functions by interacting with protein kinase C (PKC). There are two different splicing variant forms of NELL2 identified so far. One is secreted NELL2 (sNELL2) which is a neuron-specific variant and the other is cytosolic NELL2 (cNELL2) which is non-secreted splicing variant of NELL2. Although cNELL2 structure was well characterized, the expression pattern or the cellular function of cNELL2 is not fully determined. In this study, we found that cNELL2 specifically interacts with PKCβ isotypes and inhibits PKCβ1 through direct binding to the N-terminal pseudosubstrate domain of PKCβ1. Here, we also demonstrate that cNELL2 is predominantly expressed and has inhibitory effects on the PKC downstream signaling pathways in astrocytes thereby establishing cNELL2 as an endogenous inhibitor of PKCβ1 in glia.
AstrocytesCytosolic NELL2NELL2PKCβ1Pseudosubstrate domain
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