HEpD : a database describing epigenetic differences between Thoroughbred and Jeju horses

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HEpD : a database describing epigenetic differences between Thoroughbred and Jeju horses
J A Gim; S Lee; Dae Soo Kim; K S Jeong; C P Hong; J H Bae; J W Moon; Y S Choi; B W Cho; H G Cho; J Bhak; H S Kim
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Gene, vol. 560, no. 1, pp. 83-88
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With the advent of next-generation sequencing technology, genome-wide maps of DNA methylation are now available. The Thoroughbred horse is bred for racing, while the Jeju horse is a traditional Korean horse bred for racing or food. The methylation profiles of equine organs may provide genomic clues underlying their athletic traits. We have developed a database to elucidate genome-wide DNA methylation patterns of the cerebrum, lung, heart, and skeletal muscle from Thoroughbred and Jeju horses. Using MeDIP-Seq, our database provides information regarding significantly enriched methylated regions beyond a threshold, methylation density of a specific region, and differentially methylated regions (DMRs) for tissues from two equine breeds. It provided methylation patterns at 784 gene regions in the equine genome. This database can potentially help researchers identify DMRs in the tissues of these horse species and investigate the differences between the Thoroughbred and Jeju horse breeds.
Differentially methylated regionDNA methylationJeju horseMeDIP-SeqThoroughbred horse
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