Streptomyces lushanensis sp. nov., a novel actinomycete with anti-cyanobacterial activity

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Streptomyces lushanensis sp. nov., a novel actinomycete with anti-cyanobacterial activity
B H Zhang; J Cheng; W Chen; H Q Li; J Y Yang; Dong Jin Park; Chang-Jin Kim; R Shen; Y Q Duan; W J Li
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Journal of Antibiotics, vol. 68, no. 1, pp. 5-8
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Strain JXJ 0135T, an anti-cyanobacterial actinomycete, was isolated from a soil sample collected from Lushan Mountain, south China, and identified by using polyphasic approach. Phylogenetic analysis of the near-complete 16S rRNA gene sequence indicated that strain JXJ 0135T belongs to the genus Streptomyces and exhibited distinct subclade and also highest similarity (98.6%) to Streptomyces scopuliridis RB72 T. The strain developed well-branched substrate and aerial mycelia, and produced sp.ral chains. Spores were elliptical and the surface was smooth. The strain contained LL-diaminopimelic acid with whole-cell sugars of mannose, rhamnose, glucose and galactose. Phospholipids were diphosphatidylglycerol, phosphatidylethanolamine, phosphatidylinositol mannosides, phosphotidylinositol dimannoside, an unidentified aminophospholipid and an unknown phospholipid. The menaquinones were MK-9(H6) and MK-9(H8). The major components of the fatty acids were anteiso-C15:0, iso-C116:0, anteiso-C17:0, iso-C15:0, C16:0, iso-C17:0 and iso-C14:0. The G+C content was 69.3 mol%. The DNA-DNA hybridization value between JXJ 0135T and S. scopuliridis RB72 T was 41.2±1.4%. On the basis of the polyphasic data, strain JXJ 0135T represents a nov.l sp.cies of the genus Streptomyces, for which the name Streptomyces lushanensis sp. nov. is proposed. The type strain is JXJ 0135T (=DSM 42121T =JCM 19628T =KCTC 29261T =KACC 17834T =NRRL B-24994T).
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