Genome sequence of a recombinant brassica yellows virus infecting Chinese cabbage

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Genome sequence of a recombinant brassica yellows virus infecting Chinese cabbage
Seungmo Lim; Ran Hee Yoo; D Igori; F Zhao; K H Kim; Jae Sun Moon
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Archives of Virology, vol. 160, no. 2, pp. 597-600
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RNA from a Chinese cabbage plant (Brassica campestris ssp. pekinensis) showing leaf malformation and mottling was labeled and hybridized to a DNA chip capable of detecting plant viruses and viroids. Probes specific for beet mild yellowing virus (BMYV) and beet western yellows virus (BWYV) yielded positive results, suggesting that the plant was infected by a polerovirus. Primers designed from the sequences of the positive probes were used to amplify and sequence one portion of the viral genome. This sequence showed a 90 % or greater identity to several poleroviruses, including BMYV, BWYV, beet chlorosis virus (BChV) and turnip yellows virus (TuYV). The complete genome sequence of the Chinese cabbage-infecting polerovirus consisted of 5,666 nt and was most closely related to brassica yellows virus (BrYV; 94 % identity). The virus was named BrYV-Cheongsong (BrYV-CS). However, ORF3, ORF4 and the 5′ half of ORF5 of BrYV-CS were more closely related to those of TuYV, BWYV, BChV and BMYV than to those of BrYV. Interestingly, a recombination event (positions 3531-4819 in BrYV-CS) was detected when this sequence was aligned with those of BrYV and TuYV. This region showed the highest sequence identity to that of TuYV (94 % identity) and had greater than 93 % identity to those of BWYV, BChV and BMYV, but it shared only 81 % identity with that of BrYV. Taken together, the genomes of BrYV-CS and BrYV are closely related. However, the structural genes in the 3′ half of the genome of BrYV-CS are more closely related to those of other poleroviruses.
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