Complete genome of the marine bacterium Wenzhouxiangella marina KCTC 42284T

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Complete genome of the marine bacterium Wenzhouxiangella marina KCTC 42284T
Sang-Heon Lee; Hanna Choe; B K Kim; A Nasir; Kyung Mo Kim
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Marine Genomics, vol. 24, pp. 277-280
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Wenzhouxiangella marina is an obligatory aerobic, Gram-negative, non-motile, rod-shaped bacterium that was isolated from the culture broth of marine microalgae, Picochlorum sp. 122. Here we report the 3.67MB complete genome (65.26G+C%) of W. marina KCTC 42284T encoding 3,016 protein-coding genes, 43 tRNAs and one rRNA operon. The genomic information supports multiple horizontal gene transfer (HGT) events in the history of W. marina, possibly with other marine bacteria co-existing in marine habitats. Evaluation of genomic signatures revealed 19 such HGT-derived genomic islands. Of these, eight were also supported by "genomic context" that refers to the existence of integrases, transposases and tmRNA genes either inside or in near vicinity to the island. The addition of W. marina genome expands the repertoire of marine bacterial genomic diversity, especially because the strain represents the sole genomic resource of a novel taxonomic family in the bacterial order Chromatiales.
Complete genomeHorizontal gene transferMarine bacteriumWenzhouxiangella marina
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