Single-dose oral toxicity study of genetically modified silkworm expressing EGFP protein in ICR mouse

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Single-dose oral toxicity study of genetically modified silkworm expressing EGFP protein in ICR mouse
Kyung-Min Jang; S G Kim; Ji Young Park; Won Ho Choi; Jae-Woo Lee; Hyeon-Young Jegal; S J Kweon; K H Choi; Jung Ho Park
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Korean Journal of Agricultural Science, vol. 43, no. 1, pp. 109-115
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Silk has had a reputation as a luxurious and sensuous fabric but it is not popular due to the expensive price and poor durability. To develop the silk materials that apply the various industries, the artificially synthesized gene can be introduced into the silkworm and expressed in the silk gland. Transgenic silkworms for the mass production of green fluorescent silks are generated using a fibroin H-chain expression system. For commercial use, safety assessment of the transgenic silkworms is essential. The purpose of this study was to examine the potential acute oral toxicity of EGFP protein expressed in genetically modified (GM) fluorescence silkworm and to obtain the approximative lethal dose in the male and female at 6-weeks ICR mice. EGFP protein was fed at a dose of 2,000 mg/kg body weight in five male or five female mice. Mortalities, clinical findings and body weight changes were monitored for 1, 3, 7, 14 days after dosing. At the end of 14 day observation period, all mice were sacrificed, and the postmortem necropsy were performed. The test group was not observed death case. Also the effect was not admitted by test substance administration in common symptoms, the body weight and postmortem. The results of single-dose oral toxicity test showed that approximative lethal dose of EGFP protein expressed in fluorescence silkworm was considered to exceed the 2,000 mg/kg body weight in both sexes.
EGFPICR micesilkwormsingle-dose toxicity study
South Korea
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