Single nanowire on graphene (SNOG) as an efficient, reproducible, and stable SERS-active platform

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Single nanowire on graphene (SNOG) as an efficient, reproducible, and stable SERS-active platform
H Kim; M L Seol; D I Lee; J Lee; I S Kang; H Lee; Taejoon Kang; Y K Choi; B Kim
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Nanoscale, vol. 8, no. 16, pp. 8878-8886
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Developing a well-defined nanostructure that can provide strong, reproducible, and stable SERS signals is quite important for the practical application of surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) sensors. We report here a novel single nanowire (NW) on graphene (SNOG) structure as an efficient, reproducible, and stable SERS-active platform. Au NWs having a well-defined single-crystal geometry on a monolayer graphene-coated metal film can form a well-defined, continuous nanogap structure that provides extremely reproducible and stable SERS signals. The in-NW reproducibility was verified by 2-dimensional Raman mapping, and the NW-to-NW reproducibility was verified by the cumulative curves of 32 SERS spectra. The simulation also indicated that a highly regular, line-shaped hot spot formed between the Au NW and graphene. Furthermore, SNOG platforms showed improved photostability and long-term oxidation immunity. We anticipate that SNOG platforms will be appropriate for practical biological and chemical sensor applications that demand reproducible, stable, and strong signal production.
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