Glutathione transferases superfamily: cold-inducible expression of distinct GST genes in Brassica oleracea

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Glutathione transferases superfamily: cold-inducible expression of distinct GST genes in Brassica oleracea
H Vijayakumar; S K Thamilarasan; A Shanmugam; S Natarajan; H J Jung; J I Park; Hyeran Kim; M Y Chung; I S Nou
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International Journal of Molecular Sciences, vol. 17, no. 8, pp. 1211-1211
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Plants, as sessile organisms, can suffer serious growth and developmental consequences under cold stress conditions. Glutathione transferases (GSTs, EC are ubiquitous and multifunctional conjugating proteins, which play a major role in stress responses by preventing oxidative damage by reactive oxygen species (ROS). Currently, understanding of their function(s) during different biochemical and signaling pathways under cold stress condition remain unclear. In this study, using combined computational strategy, we identified 65 Brassica oleracea glutathione transferases (BoGST) and characterized them based on evolutionary analysis into 11 classes. Inter-species and intra-species duplication was evident between BoGSTs and Arabidopsis GSTs. Based on localization analyses, we propose possible pathways in which GST genes are involved during cold stress. Further, expression analysis of the predicted putative functions for GST genes were investigated in two cold contrasting genotypes (cold tolerance and susceptible) under cold condition, most of these genes were highly expressed at 6 h and 1 h in the cold tolerant (CT) and cold susceptible (CS) lines, respectively. Overall, BoGSTU19, BoGSTU24, BoGSTF10 are candidate genes highly expressed in B. oleracea. Further investigation of GST superfamily in B. oleracea will aid in understanding complex mechanism underlying cold tolerance in plants.
Brassica oleraceaColdContrasting genotypesGlutathione transferase (GST)Tolerance
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