Cloning of the Bombyx mori short neuropeptide F receptor (BsNPF-R) cDNA

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Cloning of the Bombyx mori short neuropeptide F receptor (BsNPF-R) cDNA
H Shin; K Kwon; S M Hong; H G Kim; K H Park; J Y Choi; S W Kim; Kweon Yu; O Y Kwon
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Journal of Life Science, vol. 26, no. 6, pp. 721-726
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It has already been reported that short neuropeptide F (sNPF) stimulates feeding behaviors in a wide variety of insect species. In the present study, we cloned cDNA, encoding a sNPF receptor homologue from a silkworm, Bombyx mori, named BsNPF-R. The amino acid sequence of BsNPF-R was compared with those of sNPF-R thus far reported, which is shared with humans (36%), mice (34%), zebrafish (35%), and fruit flies (51%), respectively. A BsNPF-R protein's mass was theoretically estimated to be 42,731 Da and it is a putative plasma membrane-penetrating protein. The mRNA expression of BsNPF-R was tested; the results showed that a strong expression was detected at the midgut, post-silk gland, Malpighian, and testis; however, a weak expression was at the fat body, hemocyte, and ovary. In addition, the synthesized sNPF of a silkworm regulated the BsNPF-R mRNA expression through the cell-based functional analysis.
Bombyx moriB. mori short neuropeptide F receptor (BsNPF-R)cDNA
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