Nanovesicle-mediated systemic delivery of microRNA-34a for CD44 overexpressing gastric cancer stem cell therapy

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Nanovesicle-mediated systemic delivery of microRNA-34a for CD44 overexpressing gastric cancer stem cell therapy
E Jang; E Kim; H Y Son; Eun Kyung Lim; H Lee; Y Choi; K Park; S Han; J S Suh; Y M Huh; S Haam
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Biomaterials, vol. 105, pp. 12-24
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The cancer stem cell (CSC) hypothesis postulates that cancer cells overexpressing CD44 are marked as CSCs that cause tumorigenesis and recurrence. This hypothesis suggests that CD44 is a potential therapeutic target that can interfere with CSCs qualities. MicroRNA-34a (miR-34a) is a promising candidate for CD44 repression-based cancer therapy as it has been reported to inhibit proliferation, metastasis, and survival of CD44-positive CSCs. Here, we used nanovesicles containing PLI/miR complexes (NVs/miR) to systemically deliver miR-34a and induce miR-34a-triggered CD44 suppression in orthotopically and subcutaneously implanted tumors in nude mice. Poly(L-lysine-graft-imidazole) (PLI) condenses miRs and is functionally modified to deliver miRs to the site of action by buffering effect of imidazole residues under endosomal pH. Indeed, NVs/miR consisting of PEGylated lipids enveloping PLI/miR complexes greatly reduced inevitable toxicity of polycations by compensating their surface charge and markedly improved their in?vivo stability and accumulation to tumor tissue compared to PLI/miR polyplexes. Our NVs-mediated miR-34a delivery system specifically increased endogenous target miR levels, thereby attenuating proliferation and migration of gastric cancer cells by repressing the expression of CD44 with decreased levels of Bcl-2, Oct 3/4 and Nanog genes. Our strategy led to a greater therapeutic outcome than PLI-based delivery with highly selective tumor cell death and significantly delayed tumor growth in CD44-positive tumor-bearing mouse models, thus providing a fundamental therapeutic window for CSCs.
Cancer stem cellsCD44 suppressionmiR-34a deliveryNanovesiclespH-responsive
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