Growth and detachment of 5 helix DNA ribbons = 5 헬릭스 DNA 리본 구조의 성장과 탈착

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Growth and detachment of 5 helix DNA ribbons = 5 헬릭스 DNA 리본 구조의 성장과 탈착
S Bashar; S U Hwang; J Lee; R Amin; S R Dugasani; Tai Hwan Ha; S H Park
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Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, vol. 16, no. 4, pp. 4126-4130
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We report on the concentration-dependent surface-assisted growth and time-temperature-dependent detachment of one-dimensional 5 helix DNA ribbons (5HR) on a mica substrate. The growth coverage ratio was determined by varying the concentration of the 5HR strands in a test tube, and the detachment rate of 5HR on mica was determined by varying the incubation time at a fixed temperature on a heat block. The topological changes in the concentration-dependent attachment and the time-temperature-dependent detachment for 5HR on mica were observed via atomic force microscopy. The observations indicate that 5HR started to grow on mica at ∼10 nM and provided full coverage at ∼50 nM. In contrast, 5HR at 65°C started to detach from mica after 5 min and was completely removed after 10 min. The growth and detachment coverage show a sinusoidal variation in the growth ratio and a linear variation with a rate of detachment of 20%/min, respectively. The physical parameters that control the stability of the DNA structures on a given substrate should be studied to successfully integrate DNA structures for physical and chemical applications
CoverageDetachmentDNAMicaSelf-assemblySurface-assisted growth
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