Salinity affects metabolomic profiles of different trophic levels in a food chain

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Salinity affects metabolomic profiles of different trophic levels in a food chain
Kyong-Hee Nam; Young-Joong Kim; Ye Seul Moon; In Soon PackChang-Gi Kim
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Science of Total Environment, vol. 599, pp. 198-206
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Salinization is one of the most important abiotic stressors in an ecosystem. To examine how exposing a host plant to excess salt affects the consequent performance and metabolism of insects in a food chain, we determined the life history traits and the metabolite profiles in rice (Oryza sativa), the herbivore Sitobion avenae, and its predator Harmonia axyridis. When compared with performance under normal (non-stressed) conditions, exposing plants to 50mM NaCl significantly delayed the timing of development for S. avenae fed on rice and H. axyridis and also reduced the body mass of the latter. Our GC-MS-based analysis revealed clear differences in metabolite profiles between trophic levels or treatment conditions. Salinity apparently increased the levels of main components in rice, but decreased levels of major components in S. avenae and H. axyridis. In addition, 16 metabolites showed salinity-related contrasts in this trophic interaction for our rice-S. avenae-H. axyridis system. Salinity impeded the accumulation of metabolites, especially several sugars, amino acids, organic acids, and fatty acids in both insects, a response that was possibly associated with the negative impacts on their growth and reproduction under stress conditions.
Food chainHarmonia axyridis (multicolored Asian lady beetle)MetabolomicsRice (Oryza sativa L.)SalinitySitobion avenae (wheat aphid)
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