Glycan-specificity of four neuraminidase-sensitive animal rotavirus strains

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Glycan-specificity of four neuraminidase-sensitive animal rotavirus strains
J Y Kim; D S Kim; J Y Seo; J G Park; M M Alfajaro; M Soliman; Y B Baek; E H Cho; Hyung Jun KwonSu-Jin Park; M I Kang; K O Cho
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Veterinary Microbiology, vol. 207, pp. 159-163
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Group A rotaviruses (RVAs) are divided into neuraminidase (NA)-sensitive and NA-insensitive strains depending upon their binding affinity to the VP8* domain in the terminal sialic acids (SAs) of cell surface carbohydrates. Although NA-sensitive strains are known to use terminal SAs as an attachment factor, the exact nature of this attachment factor is largely unknown. Here we show that the specific linkage of SA-containing glycan to glycoprotein or glycolipid is an attachment factor used by NA-sensitive porcine G9P[7] PRG9121 and G9P[23] PRG942, bovine G6P[1] NCDV, and canine G3P[3] strains. Infectivity of porcine G9P[7] and G9P[23] strains was markedly blocked by α2,3-linkage and α2,6-linkage inhibitors, indicating that these strains bind to both α2,3- and α2,6-linked SAs. However, the infectivity of bovine G6P[1] and canine G3P[3] strains was significantly reduced by α2,6-linkage inhibitor but not by α2,3-linkage blockers, demonstrating a predilection of these strains for α2,6-linked SAs. The infectivity of four NA-sensitive strains was equally reduced by inhibitors of lipid membrane and N-linked glycoprotein but not by an inhibitor of O-linked glycoprotein, indicating that these strains utilize both glycolipid and N-linked glycoprotein. Our study demonstrates that four NA-sensitive animal strains could have a strain-dependent binding preference toward α2,6-linked SAs (P[1] NCDV and P[3] CU-1 strains) or both α2,3- and α2,6-linked SAs (P[7] PRG9121 and P[23] PRG942 strains) to the glycolipid and N-linked glycoprotein.
GlycolipidGroup A rotavirusN-linked glycoproteinNeuraminidase sensitiveSialic acid linkage
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