Effect of decanoic acid and 10-hydroxydecanoic acid on the biotransformation of methyl decanoate to sebacic acid

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Effect of decanoic acid and 10-hydroxydecanoic acid on the biotransformation of methyl decanoate to sebacic acid
Y E C Sugiharto; Heeseok Lee; A D Fitriana; Hyeokwon LeeWooyoung Jeon; K Park; Jungoh AhnHongweon Lee
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AMB Express, vol. 8, pp. 75-75
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Biotransformation of fatty acid methyl esters to dicarboxylic acids has attracted much attention in recent years; however, reports of sebacic acid production using such biotransformation remain few. The toxicity of decanoic acid is the main challenge for this process. Decane induction has been reported to be essential to activate the enzymes involved in the α,ω-oxidation pathway before initiating the biotransformation of methyl decanoate to sebacic acid. However, we observed the accumulation of intermediates (decanoic acid and 10-hydroxydecanoic acid) during the induction period. In this study, we examined the effects of these intermediates on the biotransformation process. The presence of decanoic acid, even at a low concentration (0.2 g/L), inhibited the transformation of 10-hydroxydecanoic acid to sebacic acid. Moreover, about 24-32% reduction in the decanoic acid oxidation was observed in the presence of 0.5-1.5 g/L 10-hydroxydecanoic acid. To eliminate these inhibitory effects, we applied substrate-limiting conditions during the decane induction process, which eliminated the accumulation of decanoic acid. Although the productivity of sebacic acid (34.5 ± 1.10 g/L) was improved, by 28% over that achieved using the previously methods, after 54 h, the accumulation of 10-hydroxydecanoic acid was still detected. The accumulation of 10-hydroxydecanoic acid even under the decane limiting conditions could be an evidence that oxidation of 10-hydroxydecanoic acid could be the rate-limiting step in this process. The improvement of this reaction should be an important objective for further development of the production of sebacic acid using biotransformation
10-hydroxydecanoic acidDecane inductionDecanoic acidMethyl decanoateSebacic acidω-oxidation
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