Adipose-specific expression of mouse Rbp7 gene and its developmental and metabolic changes

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dc.description.abstractAlternative splicing and alternative promoter usage have been shown to have an integral role in creating flexibility in the regulation of gene expression. Previous studies collectively showed that expression of the retinol binding protein 7 (Rbp7) gene was adipose tissue-specific across species. Nevertheless, alternative splicing and alternative promoter usage of the Rbp7 gene in adipose tissue and other tissues have not been investigated. The objectives of this study were to investigate protein isoforms of RBP7 produced from alternative splicing, alternative promoter usage and pre-mRNA trans-splicing, and to examine expression patterns of RBP7 isoforms during adipogenesis, cold exposure, and retinol or retinoic acid treatment. Our RT-PCR analysis revealed that mouse Rbp7 isoforms were present, but only one protein isoform was detected which was specific to adipose tissue. In addition, a fusion transcript of the Nmnat1 gene and the Rbp7 gene was produced by pre-mRNA trans-splicing in several tissues; however, its protein expression was not detectable. During adipogenesis, RBP7 expression was prominent in both neonatal and after-weaning stages and its expression was significantly higher in fat cells than in preadipocytes. Exposure to cold led to an increased expression of RBP7 in brown adipose tissue (BAT). Furthermore, Rbp7 mRNA expression in 3T3-L1 cells was significantly up- and down-regulated by retinol and retinoic acid, respectively. Our data showed that the mouse Rbp7 gene produces a predominant isoform in adipose tissue during adipocyte development, cold exposure, and nutritional treatments, which can be a potential target for future investigation on reduced adiposity-
dc.titleAdipose-specific expression of mouse Rbp7 gene and its developmental and metabolic changes-
dc.title.alternativeAdipose-specific expression of mouse Rbp7 gene and its developmental and metabolic changes-
dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthorDong-Hwan Kim-
dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthorJeong Woong Lee-
dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationGene, vol. 670, pp. 38-45-
dc.subject.keywordAdipose tissue-specific-
dc.subject.keywordAlternative promoter usage-
dc.subject.keywordAlternative splicing-
dc.subject.keywordCold exposure-
dc.subject.keywordPre-mRNA trans-splicing-
dc.subject.keywordRetinol binding protein 7 (Rbp7) gene-
dc.subject.localAdipose tissue-specific-
dc.subject.localAlternative promoter usage-
dc.subject.localAlternative splicing-
dc.subject.localalternative splicing-
dc.subject.localCold exposure-
dc.subject.localPre-mRNA trans-splicing-
dc.subject.localRetinol binding protein 7 (Rbp7) gene-
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