Safety assessment of the AtCYP78A7 protein expressed in genetically modified rice tolerant to abiotic stress

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Safety assessment of the AtCYP78A7 protein expressed in genetically modified rice tolerant to abiotic stress
Kyong Hee Nam; Do Young Kim; Hee Jae Shin; In Soon PackJung Ho ParkWon Kee Yoon; H B Kim; Chang-Gi Kim
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Korean Journal of Agricultural Science, vol. 45, no. 2, pp. 248-257
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Overexpression of AtCYP78A7, a gene encoding a cytochrome P450 protein, has been reported to improve tolerance to drought stress in genetically modified (GM) rice (Oryza sativa L.). The aim of this study was to evaluate the potential allergenicity and acute oral toxicity of the AtCYP78A7 protein expressed in GM rice. Bioinformatics analysis of the amino acid sequence of AtCYP78A7 did not identify any similarities with any known allergens or toxins. It showed that no known allergen had more than a 35% amino acid sequence homology with the AtCYP78A7 protein over an 80 amino acid window or more than 8 consecutive identical amino acids. The gene encoding the AtCYP78A7 protein was cloned in the pGEX-4T-1 vector and expressed in E. coli . Then, the AtCYP78A7 protein was purified and analyzed for acute oral toxicity. The AtCYP78A7 protein was fed at a dose of 2,000 ㎎/㎏ body weight in mice, and the changes in mortalities, clinical findings, and body weight were monitored for 14 days after the dosing. Necropsy was carried out on day 14. The protein did not cause any adverse effects when it was orally administered to mice at 2000 ㎎/㎏ body weight. These results indicate that the AtCYP78A7 protein expressed in GM rice would not be a potential allergen or toxin.
acute oral toxicityallergenicitycytochrome P450genetically modified cropricesafety assessment
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