Genetic and morphometric characteristics of Korean wild mice (KWM/Hym) captured at Chuncheon, South Korea

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Genetic and morphometric characteristics of Korean wild mice (KWM/Hym) captured at Chuncheon, South Korea
H Nam; Y Y Kim; B Kim; Woon Kee YoonHyoung-Chin Kim; J G Suh
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Laboratory Animal Research, vol. 34, no. 4, pp. 311-316
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Laboratory inbred mice are used widely and commonly in biomedical research, but inbred mice do not have a big enough gene pool for the research. In this study, genetic and morphometric analyses were performed to obtain data on the characteristics of a newly developing inbred strain (KWM/Hym) captured from Chuncheon, Korea. All of five Korean wild male mice have the zinc-finger Y (ZfY) gene. Also, all of 19 Korean wild mice used in this analysis have the AKV-type murine leukemia virus gene, indicating that Korean wild mice might be Mus musculus musculus. To identify the genetic polymorphism in KWM/Hym, SNP analysis was performed. In a comparison with 28 SNP markers, there was a considerable difference between KWM/Hym and several inbred strains. The homogeneity between KWM/Hym and the inbred strains was as follows: C57BL/6J (39.3%), BALB/c AJic (42.9%), and DBA/2J (50%). KWM/Hym is most similar to the PWK/PhJ inbred strain (96.4%) derived from wild mice (Czech Republic). To identify the morphometric characteristics of KWM/Hym, the external morphology was measured. The tail ratio of male and female was 79.60±3.09 and 73.55±6.14%, respectively. KWM/Hym has short and agouti-colored hairs and its belly is white with golden hair. Taking these results together, KWM/Hym, a newly developing inbred mouse originated from wild mouse, might be use as new genetic resources to overcome the limitations of the current laboratory mice.
subspeciesKorean wild mouseMus musculusgenetic resourcespolymorphism
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