Bacterial valorization of lignin: strains, enzymes, conversion pathways, biosensors, and perspectives

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Bacterial valorization of lignin: strains, enzymes, conversion pathways, biosensors, and perspectives
Siseon Lee; Minsik Kang; Jung Hoon BaeJung Hoon SohnBong Hyun Sung
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Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, vol. 7, pp. 209-209
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Lignin, an aromatic polymer found in plants, has been studied for years in many biological fields. Initially, when biofuel was produced from lignocellulosic biomass, lignin was regarded as waste generated by the biorefinery and had to be removed, because of its inhibitory effects on fermentative bacteria. Although it has since proven to be a natural resource for bio-products with considerable potential, its utilization is confined by its complex structure. Hence, the microbial degradation of lignin has attracted researchers' interest to overcome this problem. From this perspective, the studies have primarily focused on fungal systems, such as extracellular peroxidase and laccase from white- and brown-rot fungi. However, recent reports have suggested that bacteria play an increasing role in breaking down lignin. This paper, therefore, reviews the role of bacteria in lignin and lignin-related research. Several reports on bacterial species in soil that can degrade lignin and their enzymes are included. In addition, a cellulolytic anaerobic bacterium capable of solubilizing lignin and carbohydrate simultaneously has recently been identified, even though the enzyme involved has not been discovered yet. The assimilation of lignin-derived small molecules and their conversion to renewable chemicals by bacteria, such as muconic acid and polyhydroxyalkanoates, including genetic modification to enhance their capability was discussed. This review also covers the indirect use of bacteria for lignin degradation, which is concerned with whole-cell biosensors designed to detect the aromatic chemicals released from lignin transformation.
lignin valorizationbacterial lignin degradationenzymatic depolymerizationbacterial laccasedye-decolorizing peroxidasebiosensor
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