Potential of Pantoea dispersa as an effective biocontrol agent for black rot in sweet potato

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Potential of Pantoea dispersa as an effective biocontrol agent for black rot in sweet potato
L Jiang; Jae Cheol JeongJung-Sook LeeJeong Mee Park; J W Yang; Myoung Hui Lee; Seung Hee Choi; Cha Young Kim; D H Kim; Suk Weon KimJiyoung Lee
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Scientific Reports, vol. 9, pp. 16354-16354
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Biocontrol offers a promising alternative to synthetic fungicides for the control of a variety of pre- and post-harvest diseases of crops. Black rot, which is caused by the pathogenic fungus Ceratocytis fimbriata, is the most destructive post-harvest disease of sweet potato, but little is currently known about potential biocontrol agents for this fungus. Here, we isolated several microorganisms from the tuberous roots and shoots of field-grown sweet potato plants, and analyzed their ribosomal RNA gene sequences. The microorganisms belonging to the genus Pantoea made up a major portion of the microbes residing within the sweet potato plants, and fluorescence microscopy showed these microbes colonized the intercellular spaces of the vascular tissue in the sweet potato stems. Four P. dispersa strains strongly inhibited C. fimbriata mycelium growth and spore germination, and altered the morphology of the fungal hyphae. The detection of dead C. fimbriata cells using Evans blue staining suggested that these P. dispersa strains have fungicidal rather than fungistatic activity. Furthermore, P. dispersa strains significantly inhibited C. fimbriata growth on the leaves and tuberous roots of a susceptible sweet potato cultivar ("Yulmi"). These findings suggest that P. dispersa strains could inhibit black rot in sweet potato plants, highlighting their potential as biocontrol agents.
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