Pseudomonas tructae sp. nov., novel species isolated from rainbow trout kidney

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Pseudomonas tructae sp. nov., novel species isolated from rainbow trout kidney
W T Oh; J W Jun; S S Giri; S Yun; H J Kim; S G Kim; S W Kim; J W Kang; S J Han; J Kwon; Ji Hyung Kim; T H Smits; S C Park
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International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, vol. 69, no. 12, pp. 3851-3856
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This study describes the biochemical and phylogenetic characteristics of a Gram-negative strain, SNU WT1T, isolated from rainbow trout kidney. The 16S rRNA gene sequencing indicated that strain SNU WT1T was highly similar to Pseudomonas wadenswilerensis CCOS 864T and closely related to other Pseudomonas putida-related strains. Multilocus sequence analysis of concatenated partial gyrB, rpoB and rpoD sequences revealed that strain SNU WT1T was distinct from P. putida-related strains and formed a separate clade. The average nucleotide identity and Genome-to-Genome Distance Calculator values were 90.19 and 41.7% with its closest relative P. wadenswilerensis CCOS 864T; however, it was phenotypically distinct from CCOS 864T with respect to arginine dihydrolase, glucose fermentation, aesculin hydrolysis and N-acetyl-glucosamine assimilation. The major polar lipid of the strain was phosphatidylethanolamine and the major quinone was Q-9. The genome of strain SNU WT1T had 5 685 196 bp with a G+C content of 61.83?mol%. We describe a novel species of genus Pseudomonas, for which the name Pseudomonastructae has been proposed, with SNU WT1T (=KCTC 72265=JCM 33436) as the type strain.
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