Golgi-localized cyclophilin 21 proteins negatively regulate ABA signalling via the peptidyl prolyl isomerase activity during early seedling development

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dc.description.abstractPlant possesses particular Golgi-resident cyclophilin 21 proteins (CYP21s) and the catalytic isomerase activities have a negative effect on ABA signalling gene expression during early seedling development. Cyclophilins (CYPs) are essential for diverse cellular process, as these catalyse a rate-limiting step in protein folding. Although Golgi proteomics in Arabidopsis thaliana suggests the existence of several CYPs in the Golgi apparatus, only one putative Golgi-resident CYP protein has been reported in rice (Oryza sativa L.; OsCYP21-4). Here, we identified the Golgi-resident CYP21 family genes and analysed their molecular characteristics in Arabidopsis and rice. The CYP family genes (CYP21-1, CYP21-2, CYP21-3, and CYP21-4) are plant-specific, and their appearance and copy numbers differ among plant species. CYP21-1 and CYP21-4 are common to all angiosperms, whereas CYP21-2 and CYP21-3 evolved in the Malvidae subclass. Furthermore, all CYP21 proteins localize to cis-Golgi, trans-Golgi or both cis- and trans-Golgi membranes in plant cells. Additionally, based on the structure, enzymatic function, and topological orientation in Golgi membranes, CYP21 proteins are divided into two groups. Genetic analysis revealed that Group I proteins (CYP21-1 and CYP21-2) exhibit peptidyl prolyl cis-trans isomerase (PPIase) activity and regulate seed germination and seedling growth and development by affecting the expression levels of abscisic acid signalling genes. Thus, we identified the Golgi-resident CYPs and demonstrated that their PPIase activities are required for early seedling growth and development in higher plants.-
dc.titleGolgi-localized cyclophilin 21 proteins negatively regulate ABA signalling via the peptidyl prolyl isomerase activity during early seedling development-
dc.title.alternativeGolgi-localized cyclophilin 21 proteins negatively regulate ABA signalling via the peptidyl prolyl isomerase activity during early seedling development-
dc.citation.titlePlant Molecular Biology-
dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthorHaemyeong Jung-
dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthorSeunghee Cho-
dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthorHyun Ji Park-
dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthorAreum Lee-
dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthorHyun Soon Kim-
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dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationPlant Molecular Biology, vol. 102, pp. 19-38-
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dc.subject.keywordSeed germination-
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dc.subject.localABA signalling-
dc.subject.localCyclophilin 21 proteins-
dc.subject.localgolgi apparatus-
dc.subject.localGolgi apparatus-
dc.subject.localPeptidyl prolyl isomerase-
dc.subject.localSeed germination-
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