Requirement of the Cep57-Cep63 interaction for proper Cep152 recruitment and centriole duplication

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Requirement of the Cep57-Cep63 interaction for proper Cep152 recruitment and centriole duplication
Z Wei; T S Kim; J I Ahn; L Meng; Y Chen; E K Ryu; Bonsu Ku; M Zhou; Seung Jun Kim; J K Bang; J M Deursen; J E Park; K S Lee
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Molecular and Cellular Biology, vol. 40, no. 10, pp. e00535-e00535
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Cep57 has been characterized as a component of a pericentriolar complex containing Cep63 and Cep152. Interestingly, Cep63 and Cep152 self-assemble into a pericentriolar cylindrical architecture, and this event is critical for the orderly recruitment of Plk4, a key regulator of centriole duplication. However, the way in which Cep57 interacts with the Cep63-Cep152 complex and contributes to the structure and function of Cep63-Cep152 self-assembly remains unknown. We demonstrate that Cep57 interacts with Cep63 through N-terminal motifs and associates with Cep152 via Cep63. Three-dimensional structured illumination microscopy (3D-SIM) analyses suggested that the Cep57-Cep63-Cep152 complex is concentrically arranged around a centriole in a Cep57-in and Cep152-out manner. Cep57 mutant cells defective in Cep63 binding exhibited improper Cep63 and Cep152 localization and impaired Sas6 recruitment for procentriole assembly, proving the significance of the Cep57-Cep63 interaction. Intriguingly, Cep63 fused to a microtubule (MT)-binding domain of Cep57 functioned in concert with Cep152 to assemble around stabilized MTs in vitro. Thus, Cep57 plays a key role in architecting the Cep63-Cep152 assembly around centriolar MTs and promoting centriole biogenesis. This study may offer a platform to investigate how the organization and function of the pericentriolar architecture are altered by disease-associated mutations found in the Cep57-Cep63-Cep152 complex.
Centriole biogenesisCep152Cep57Cep63PCM
Amer Soc Microb
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