FRET 바이오센서를 이용한 리간드의 검출방법

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FRET 바이오센서를 이용한 리간드의 검출방법
Alternative Title
Method for Detecting Ligands Using Biosensor Based on Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer
이승구송재준; 하재석
Application No.
13/266,753 (2011.10.27)
Registration No.
9,921,215 (2018.03.20)
The present application relates to a method for detecting ligand using a biosensor applied the FRET (fluorescence resonance energy transfer) phenomenon. More particularly, the method may be used for simply detecting a ligand in a sample by measuring the FRET of a biosensor under the conditions in which a specific critical temperature is maintained. The method may use a phenomenon in which a ligand-binding protein in a biosensor shows reversible unfolding at a temperature higher than the specific critical temperature and the level of the unfolding changes depending on the concentration of a ligand. The method can be widely applied to a variety of kinds of FRET biosensors using the ligand-binding protein.
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