Crossing the kingdom border: human diseases caused by plant pathogens

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Crossing the kingdom border: human diseases caused by plant pathogens
Jun Seob Kim; Sung Jin YoonYoung-Jun Park; Seon Yeong Kim; Choong-Min Ryu
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Environmental Microbiology, vol. 22, no. 7, pp. 2485-2495
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Interactions between pathogenic microorganisms and their hosts are varied and complex, encompassing open-field scale interactions to interactions at the molecular level. The capacity of plant pathogenic bacteria and fungi to cause diseases in human and animal systems was, until recently, considered of minor importance. However, recent evidence suggests that animal and human infections caused by plant pathogenic fungi, bacteria and viruses may have critical impacts on human and animal health and safety. This review analyses previous research on plant pathogens as causal factors of animal illness. In addition, a case study involving disruption of type III effector-mediated phagocytosis in a human cell line upon infection with an opportunistic phytopathogen, Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato, is discussed. Further knowledge regarding the molecular interactions between plant pathogens and human and animal hosts is needed to understand the extent of disease incidence and determine mechanisms for disease prevention.
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