Submergence deactivates wound-induced plant defence against herbivores

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Submergence deactivates wound-induced plant defence against herbivores
Hyo Jun Lee; Ji-Sun Park; Seung Yong Shin; S G Kim; G Lee; Hyun Soon Kim; Jae Heung Jeon; Hye Sun Cho
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Communications Biology, vol. 3, pp. 651-651
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Flooding is a common and critical disaster in agriculture, because it causes defects in plant growth and even crop loss. An increase in herbivore populations is often observed after floods, which leads to additional damage to the plants. Although molecular mechanisms underlying the plant responses to flooding have been identified, how plant defence systems are affected by flooding remains poorly understood. Herein, we show that submergence deactivates wound-induced defence against herbivore attack in Arabidopsis thaliana. Submergence rapidly suppressed the wound-induced expression of jasmonic acid (JA) biosynthesis genes, resulting in reduced JA accumulation. While plants exposed to hypoxia in argon gas exhibited similar reduced wound responses, the inhibitory effects were initiated after short-term submergence without signs for lack of oxygen. Instead, expression of ethylene-responsive genes was increased after short-term submergence. Blocking ethylene signalling by ein2-1 mutation partially restored suppressed expression of several wound-responsive genes by submergence. In addition, submergence rapidly removed active markers of histone modifications at a gene locus involved in JA biosynthesis. Our findings suggest that submergence inactivates defence systems of plants, which would explain the proliferation of herbivores after flooding.
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