Longitudinal profiling of the blood transcriptome in an African green monkey aging model = 노화 영장류 모델에서 혈액전사체의 종단연구

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Longitudinal profiling of the blood transcriptome in an African green monkey aging model = 노화 영장류 모델에서 혈액전사체의 종단연구
Ja-Rang Lee; Se-Hee Choe; Young Hyun Kim; Hyeon-Mu Cho; Hye Ri Park; Hee Eun Lee; Yeung Bae Jin; Ji-Su KimKang Jin JeongSang Je ParkJae Won Huh
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Aging-US, vol. 13, no. 1, pp. 846-864
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African green monkeys (AGMs, Chlorocebus aethiops) are Old World monkeys which are used as experimental models in biomedical research. Recent technological advances in next generation sequencing are useful for unraveling the genetic mechanisms underlying senescence, aging, and age-related disease. To elucidate the normal aging mechanisms in older age, the blood transcriptomes of nine healthy, aged AGMs (15-23 years old), were analyzed over two years. We identified 910-1399 accumulated differentially expressed genes (DEGs) in each individual, which increased with age. Aging-related DEGs were sorted across the three time points. A major proportion of the aging-related DEGs belonged to gene ontology (GO) categories involved in translation and rRNA metabolic processes. Next, we sorted common aging-related DEGs across three time points over two years. Common aging-related DEGs belonged to GO categories involved in translation, cellular component biogenesis, rRNA metabolic processes, cellular component organization, biogenesis, and RNA metabolic processes. Furthermore, we identified 29 candidate aging genes that were upregulated across the time series analysis. These candidate aging genes were linked to protein synthesis. This study describes a changing gene expression pattern in AGMs during aging using longitudinal transcriptome sequencing. The candidate aging genes identified here may be potential targets for the treatment of aging.
African green monkeyAgingAging candidate geneLongitudinal transcriptome
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