Polyacetylene (9Z,16S)-16-hydroxy-9,17-octadecadiene-12,14-diynoic acid in Dendropanax morbifera leaves

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Polyacetylene (9Z,16S)-16-hydroxy-9,17-octadecadiene-12,14-diynoic acid in Dendropanax morbifera leaves
Mun-Ock Kim; Myung Ji Kang; Su Ui LeeDoo-Young KimHyun-Jae Jang; Ju Hyeon An; Hyun Sun Lee; Hyung Won RyuSei-Ryang Oh
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Food Bioscience, vol. 40, pp. 100878-100878
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Dendropanax morbifera extracts were obtained from three different tissues: the heartwood, stem bark, and leaves. The 95% ethanol extract from leaf showed the strongest inhibitory activity (88% inhibition at 50 μg/mL with HepG2 cells) against triglyceride (TG) biosynthesis. Bioactivity-guided fractionation and metabolite investigation of the leaf extracts resulted in the separation and identification of three polyacetylene derivatives that inhibited newly synthesized TG in HepG2 cells. A method for the profile and contents analyses of the leaf extracts were measured using QTOF-MS with a charged aerosol detector (CAD), including (9Z,16S)-16-hydroxy-9,17-octadecadiene-12,14-diynoic acid (1), which was decomposed during the temperature and storage studies. All metabolites decomposed at different temperatures, especially the polyacetylene, which was rapidly oxidized when the isolated form was exposed to air. However, it was fairly stable in the extract at low temperature <-20 °C. The aim of this study was to provide a way to protect the active ingredients in the process of developing and distributing functional foods containing D. morbifera. The application of this quality control/quality assurance step may improve the chemistry, manufacturing, and control for raw materials.
Dendropanax morbiferaTriglyceride biosynthesisPolyacetylene derivatives
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