Simultaneous profiling of Arabidopsis thaliana and Vibrio vulnificus MO6-24/O transcriptomes by dual RNA-seq analysis

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Simultaneous profiling of Arabidopsis thaliana and Vibrio vulnificus MO6-24/O transcriptomes by dual RNA-seq analysis
Y S Park; J S Park; Soohyun Lee; Sung-Hee Jung; Seon-Kyu KimChoong-Min Ryu
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Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal, vol. 19, pp. 2084-2096
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We previously demonstrated that a marine bacterial pathogen Vibrio vulnificus isolated from sea foods modulated gene expression levels and defense responses of a land plant Arabidopsis thaliana. Although the interaction between V. vulnificus and A. thaliana was verified under artificial and greenhouse conditions, the simultaneous changes in host and pathogen transcriptomes remained obscure. In this study, we simultaneously analyzed the transcriptome of V. vulnificus MO6-24/O and A. thaliana by dual RNA-sequencing analysis. Disease symptoms appeared at 5 and 7 days post-inoculation in vitro and post-infiltration in planta, respectively. A total of 31, 128, 303, 219, and 130 differentially expressed genes (DEGs) were identified in V. vulnificus MO6-24/O at 3, 6, 12, 24, and 48 h post-infiltration. Out of these, 14 genes involved in the virulence and pathogenicity of V. vulnificus MO6 were characterized. These genes were clustered into six categories, including adherence, antiphagocytosis, chemotaxis and motility, iron uptake, toxin and secretion system. In plant side, the bacterium DEGs potentially played a pivotal role in activating pattern recognition receptors (PRRs)-mediated defense responses. A. thaliana genes related to PRRs, reactive oxygen species burst, mitogen-activated protein kinase cascade induction, salicylic acid, jasmonic acid, ethylene, abscisic acid, auxin, gibberellin, and cytokinin were highly induced by V. vulnificus MO6-24/O challenge. Taken together, our results indicate that the sophisticated communication between a marine bacterial pathogen V. vulnificus and A. thaliana occurs. It is the first report demonstration that V. vulnificus actively modulates its virulence factors and potential host immune regulator in a land plant species.
Dual RNA-seqTranscriptomeArabidopsis thalianaPlant-microbe interactionsVibrio vulnificus
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