Mitochondrial transplantation as a novel therapeutic strategy for mitochondrial diseases

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Mitochondrial transplantation as a novel therapeutic strategy for mitochondrial diseases
Anna Park; Mihee Oh; Su Jeong Lee; Kyoung-Jin OhEun-Woo LeeSang Chul LeeKwang-Hee BaeBaek Soo HanWon Kon Kim
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International Journal of Molecular Sciences, vol. 22, no. 9, pp. 4793-4793
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Mitochondria are the major source of intercellular bioenergy in the form of ATP. They are necessary for cell survival and play many essential roles such as maintaining calcium homeostasis, body temperature, regulation of metabolism and apoptosis. Mitochondrial dysfunction has been observed in variety of diseases such as cardiovascular disease, aging, type 2 diabetes, cancer and degenerative brain disease. In other words, the interpretation and regulation of mitochondrial signals has the potential to be applied as a treatment for various diseases caused by mitochondrial disorders. In recent years, mitochondrial transplantation has increasingly been a topic of interest as an innovative strategy for the treatment of mitochondrial diseases by augmentation and replacement of mitochondria. In this review, we focus on diseases that are associated with mitochondrial dysfunction and highlight studies related to the rescue of tissue-specific mitochondrial disorders. We firmly believe that mitochondrial transplantation is an optimistic therapeutic approach in finding a potentially valuable treatment for a variety of mitochondrial diseases.
MitochondriaMitochondrial functionMitochondrial dysfunctionMitochondrial diseaseMitochondrial transplantation
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