Fine-mapping and candidate gene analysis for the foxglove aphid resistance gene Raso2 from wild soybean PI 366121

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Fine-mapping and candidate gene analysis for the foxglove aphid resistance gene Raso2 from wild soybean PI 366121
K S Kim; J M Kim; J Jung; I Shin; S Park; Ju Seok Lee; Soon-Chun Jeong; J D Lee; J K Jung; B K Ha; S Kang
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Theoretical and Applied Genetics, vol. 134, no. 8, pp. 2687-2698
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The foxglove aphid resistance gene Raso2 from PI 366121 was fine-mapped to 77 Kb region, and one candidate gene was identified. The foxglove aphid (FA: Aulacorthum solani Kaltenbach) is an important insect pest that causes serious yield losses in soybean. The FA resistance gene Raso2 from wild soybean PI 366121 was previously mapped to a 13 cM interval on soybean chromosome 7. However, fine-mapping of Raso2 was needed to improve the effectiveness of marker-assisted selection (MAS) and to eventually clone it. The objectives of this study were to fine-map Raso2 from PI 366121 using Axiom® 180 K SoyaSNP array, to confirm the resistance and inheritance of Raso2 in a different background, and to identify candidate gene(s). The 105 F4:8 recombinant inbred lines were used to fine-map the gene and to test antibiosis and antixenosis of Raso2 to FA. These efforts resulted in the mapping of Raso2 on 1 cM interval which corresponds to 77 Kb containing eight annotated genes based on the Williams 82 reference genome assembly (Wm82.a2.v1). Interestingly, all nonsynonymous substitutions were in Glyma.07g077700 which encodes the disease resistance protein containing LRR domain and expression of the gene in PI 366121 was significantly higher than that in Williams 82. In addition, distinct SNPs within Glyma.07g077700 that can distinguish PI 366121 and diverse FA-susceptible soybeans were identified. We also confirmed that Raso2 presented the resistance to FA and the Mendelian inheritance for single dominant gene in a different background. The results of this study would provide fundamental information on MAS for development of FA-resistant cultivars as well as functional study and cloning of the candidate gene in soybean.
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