Development of a novel denture care agent with highly active enzyme, arazyme

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Development of a novel denture care agent with highly active enzyme, arazyme
Jong Hoon Kim; Haneul Lee; Seongkyeong Bae; D H Shin; B H Ku; Ho Yong ParkTae Sook Jeong
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BMC Oral Health, vol. 21, pp. 365-365
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Background: The importance of efficient denture deposit removal and oral hygiene has been further underscored by the continuous increase of denture wearers. Denture hygiene management has also become an important aspect associated with denture-induced stomatitis. This study aims to evaluate the denture cleaning effect of arazyme, the metalloprotease produced from the Serratia proteamaculans HY-3. We performed growth inhibition tests against oral opportunistic pathogens to be used as a potential oral health care agent. Methods: The proteolytic activities of arazyme was evaluated over broad ranges of temperature, pH, and denture components compared to those of subtilisin in commercially available denture cleansers. The washing effects of arazyme were also measured by using homogeneously soiled EMPA 105 cottons. To investigate the denture cleaning capability of arazyme, artificially contaminated dentures were treated with arazyme, subtilisin (Everlase 6.0T), and Polident®, respectively. The growth kinetics of Candida albicans, Enterococcus faecalis, Staphylococcus epidermis, and Streptococcus mutans were evaluated in the presence of different concentrations of arazyme to estimate the prevention effects of arazyme against major oral opportunistic pathogens. Results: Arazyme showed strong proteolytic activities over wide temperature and pH ranges compared with the serine protease of the subtilisin family. Arazyme demonstrated efficient removal and decomposition of artificially contaminated dentures and showed explicit washing effects against soiled cottons. Moreover arazyme inhibited the growth of oral opportunistic pathogens, including C. albicans, E. faecalis, S. epidermis, and S. mutans, with more than 80% inhibition against C. albicans, the major cause of denture stomatitis, with 250 mg/mL arazyme. Conclusions: Arazyme shows promise as a biological oral health care agent with effective cleaning and antimicrobial activities and is a potential source for developing novel denture care agents.
Denture hygieneDenture cleansersProteaseAntimicrobial activityArazyme
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